Keurig K10 vs K15: What's The Difference?

Keurig K10 vs K15 — they both look identical, so how do you choose between them?

Other sites in the top search results say things like this:

Despite the similarities between the Keurig K10 and K15, we recommend you choose the Keurig K15. As a newer product, it supposedly comes with newer internal components.

The bolded emphasis is mine and serves to highlight some pretty dubious “analysis.”

You want the real difference between the K10 and K15?

Welcome to The Coffee Maven’s Keurig K10 vs K15 Showdown.

Keurig K10 vs K15: What’s The Difference?

Both the K10 and K15 are exactly the same when evaluating functionality and technical specifications.

But that’s not where the difference lies.

The K10 is a discontinued model replaced by the K15 after a recall in December 2014.

“Water can overheat during brewing, spray out and burn customers” according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The link above describes how to spot whether a K10 brewer is part of the recall. It also applies to the B31 model, which preceded both the K10 and K15.

Only 200 reports were filed with with the CPSC and over 7 million units were recalled. To be honest, that’s a pretty small percentage (though who knows how many units were defective and not reported).

Because of the recall, the K15 is the easy choice assuming similar cost. If you can find the K10 or B31 for substantially cheaper, you’ll have to decide whether you want to roll the dice.

Is the Keurig K10/K15 Right for YOU?

Brew a cup of liquid energy in under 2 minutes with a single button and zero hassle.

That’s the Keurig K10/K15 in a nutshell.

Part of Keurig’s Mini line, the K10/K15 strips out all complexity and streamlines your K-cup experience.

There are pros and cons to this:

  • Pros: Relatively inexpensive, compact design, portable, minimal moving parts, simple to operate
  • Cons: No way to customize your coffee, meaning a max size 10 oz coffee will be weaker than a 6 oz cup and there’s nothing you can do about it

I like to think I’m not a coffee snob (maybe I am?) but I drink coffee for the taste just as much as the caffeine. With the K10/K15 I found the coffee wasn’t extremely hot and was a little too thin if you brewed more than 8 oz.

Personally, it’s not for me.

And that’s OK!

Not everyone needs a 70 oz water reservoir, 15 different brew sizes or the ability to change the brew temperature.

Some people just want a small, inexpensive coffee maker to sit on their desk and make a decent cup of coffee.

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • College student
  • Office worker with a cubicle or desk
  • AirBNB or other vacation rental owner
  • Tiny apartment/condo owner

If so, then you’ll be content with either the Keurig K10 or K15.

If you want something a little more robust, check out the Keurig K50 or K55. For something even more robust than that, the Keurig K-Select is Keurig’s newest model and combines the best of both their Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 product lines.

Keurig K10 vs K15

The Coffee Maven's Official Comparison
Keurig K10

Keurig K10

One of Keurig's original "Mini" K-Cup models, the K10 has a max 10 oz brew size with its "fill before each use" reservoir. Now discontinued, the K10 has been replaced by the identical-looking K15 and upgraded K-Mini.
Keurig K15

Keurig K15

Currently Produced
One of Keurig's original "Mini" K-Cup models, the K15 has a max 10 oz brew size with its "fill before each use" reservoir. Now discontinued, the K15 has been replaced by the slimmer K-Mini, which brews up to 12 oz K-Cups.


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