Keurig K40 vs K45: What's The Difference?

Keurig K40 vs K45: What's the difference?

Both the Keurig K40 and K45 are the single-serve giant’s low-end brewers.

Pop in a pod and choose one of three serving sizes.

That’s all there is to it.

There are no bells, no whistles, and no fancy display panels. They don’t even have a large water reservoir (just 48 oz).

But are these two models exactly the same?

Not quite.

There’s actually just one difference between the K40 and K45.

Do you know what it is?

This is The Coffee Maven’s Keurig K40 vs K45 Showdown.

Keurig K40 vs K45: The Differences

The Keurig K45 comes with a water filter starter kit. The Keurig K40 doesn’t.

That’s the difference.

Whether you need a water filter is dependent upon your water source. If you use tap water, you really should use the Keurig water filter kit to remove ions from the water, which would otherwise build up on the brewer’s internal components as limescale.

If you use Brita, Purr or another water filter to fill your Keurig, you don’t need the water filter.

Water filter starter kits go for about $12 (as of this writing), so factor that into your decision if you decide you need one and want t to purchase the K40. I’ve seen times where the K45 (with the water filter) is actually less expensive than the K40, so make sure to price shop and get the best deal possible!


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