Keurig K400 vs K450: What's The Difference?

Keurig K400 vs K450 — do you know the 1 difference between these nearly identical models?

The K400 series of brewers is a big step up from the K200 and K300 models:

  • Larger water reservoir
  • Adds Auto-On functionality
  • First instance of a color display
  • Additional features such as customizable wallpaper

Within the K400 series there are 4 different models: K400, K425, K450 and K475.

The two we’re looking at here at the only ones in the K400 series to come with the Keurig carafe, giving you the ability to brew up to 30 oz servings.

If that included accessory isn’t the difference, what is?

We explain in our Keurig K400 vs K450 Showdown.

Keurig K400 vs K450: The Differences

There’s only one difference between these models:

The K450 comes with the water filter starter kit while the K400 doesn’t.

There are only two times when you’d want to get the K400:

  1. You already have a Brita, Purr or other water filter and thus don’t need the included kit
  2. You can get the K400 for more than $12 less than the K450.

This starter kit goes for around $12 online, so click the Check Current Price buttons in the table above.

If the K400 can be had for much less and you do want the included water filter starter kit, it’s probably worth it to buy them separately.

Evaluating the Entire K400 Series

Things get confusing fast in the Keurig universe. The company has multiple model numbers in the K400 series, but they’re all the same machine.

The difference is in the included accessories:

  • Water filter starter kit
  • Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup
  • Keurig carafe

What about the entire Keurig 2.0 line?

Keurig makes 4 different versions of their Keurig 2.0 brewers. Here's how they all compare:

Reservoir40 oz60 oz70 oz80 oz
Display2.4" b+w touch2.4" b+w touch2.4" color touch2.8" XL color touch
Max K-Cup Brew Size16 oz16 oz16 oz18 oz
Strength ControlYesYesYesYes
Temp ControlNoYesYesYes
Customizable ClockNoYesYesYes
Customizable WallpaperNoYesYesYes
Set FavoritesNoYesYesYes
Hot Water ModeNoNoNoYes
Iced ModeNoNoNoYes
Water Tank NightlightNoNoNoYes

K400 brewers are nearly the best and represent a solid value if you don't need all of the extra features that the top-of-the-line K500 brewers offer.


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