Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus: What's The Difference? [Updated For 2022]

Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus — what's the difference?

If you're looking for a compact Keurig coffee maker, you're in the right place.

Both the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus measure just 4.5" wide, making them Keurig's slimmest brewers, but the K-Mini Plus usually costs $20-$25 more than the regular K-Mini.

What upgrades does the Plus model offer and are they worth the extra cost?

Let's dive in.


Both the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus are the same basic machine designed for compact, K-cup convenience. They're upgrades over the now-discontinued Keurig K15 with Keurig's upgraded brewing system in a slimmer design (the K15 measured 6.9" wide).

Here's what the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus have in common:

FeatureK-MiniK-Mini Plus
Brew size6-12 oz6-12 oz
Water reservoir12 oz12 oz
DisplaySingle "Brew" buttonSingle "Brew" button
Temp controlNoNo
High altitude settingYesYes
Removable drip trayYesYes
Dimensions4.5"W x 11.3"D x 12.1"H4.5"W x 11.3"D x 12.1"H
Weight4.6 lbs4.6 lbs


The Keurig K-Mini Plus offers 4 features not found on the regular K-Mini:

  • Removable water reservoir (vs the K-Mini's fixed reservoir) which is much easier to refill
  • Strength Control not found on the K-Mini
  • Chrome-colored accent around the base of the machine
  • Pod storage accessory (included) that sits where you'd place your cup to store K-cups when not in use

Keurig sells the pod storage accessory separately for around $20 (at the time of this writing) which pretty much makes up the entire gap in price between the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus.

But even if you don't need the pod storage accessory, the removable water reservoir alone is worth the extra cost. It's more convenient and makes less of a mess when refilling, at least when I try to use these models.

Keurig K-Mini vs K-Mini Plus: Which Is Right For You?

If you're just looking for the cheapest possible Keurig coffee maker with a slimmed down design and don't care about the Plus's removable water tank, Strength Control feature, chrome accent, or the included pod storage compartment, go ahead and get the basic K-Mini.

If the added features and accessories on the K-Mini Plus seem useful (and to me, they are) then go with the Plus.

Keurig K-Mini vs K-Mini Plus

The Coffee Maven's Official Comparison
Keurig K-Mini

Keurig K-Mini

Keurig's Slimmest Brewer
The super-slim successor to the K10/K15, the Keurig K-Mini is just 4.5" wide and brews 6-10 oz with its "fill before each use" reservoir. If you want fancy features, look elsewhere. If you want compact coffee, look here.
Keurig K-Mini Plus

Keurig K-Mini Plus

K-Mini + 4 Upgrades
Keurig's slimmest brewer, the K-Mini Plus is just like the K-Mini (4.5" wide and refill before each use) but adds several worthy upgrades. Most notably, a Strength Control setting and the 12 oz reservoir is removable.


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