What Is Whipped Coffee? A Quick Overview (+ Our Simple 4-Step Recipe)

Whipped Coffee or Dalgona Coffee has become a trendy beverage thanks to TikTok. Many creators have posted their favorite versions of whipped coffee. So this drink is pretty new and was introduced to the world in 2020. But what it is and how you can make it at home you will find out in our article.

To give you an idea, Dalgona is a Korean candy that looks and tastes just like the whipped coffee, and that's where the name "Dalgona coffee” originates. It all started in South Korea during the social-distancing period when people were entirely indoors and could not go to their favorite eateries to ask for whipped coffee. They decided to take up the challenge and make Dalgona coffee at home, and this gained massive popularity through YouTube and TikTok. Currently, Dalgona coffee is not just on social media but has finally found its way into the South Korean coffee shops and eateries.

Some people top this coffee with honey, cocoa, coffee powder, and even crumbled biscuits for some crunch. Phenti hui coffee is an Indian equivalent of Dalgona coffee, only that in this, the whipped cream goes into the cup first before you pour milk on top. To make your whipped coffee, you will need granulated coffee.

Since it has such a short and simple recipe, you should consider doing it at home and see how it goes. But first, you may want to know what whipped coffee is. Check this out.

What is whipped coffee?

This is simply a combination of instant coffee, granulated sugar, and a little boiling water whisked together to form a fluffy and foamy texture. Adding this mixture in your cup full of milk and stirring will give you a sweet-smelling and yummy whipped coffee.

How to make whipped coffee in 4 easy steps

Apart from making lemonade, preparing whipped coffee is the next straightforward thing you can ever do in the kitchen. Simple recipes always result in heavenly tastes.

You only need sugar, instant coffee, hot water, milk, a bowl, and a whisk for this fabulous drink. In case you want your whipped coffee extra creamy, you can as well have additional cream as one of your ingredients. If you're going to make a bigger batch of whipped coffee, please use the ingredients in larger amounts. You can also adjust the amount of sugar to suit the sweetness you prefer. Otherwise, let's stick to two tablespoons of each ingredient for this recipe.

1. Mix granulated sugar, instant coffee, and hot water in a bowl

Scoop two tablespoons of granulated sugar, two tablespoons of instant coffee, and two tablespoons of hot water and add them in a bowl. Since you will need a whisk to mix them, make sure the bowl you use is large enough for easy whisking and faster cream formation.

Note that you can add some cream in this mixture if you intend to make extra creamy whipped coffee.

2. Whisk the mixture thoroughly

Once the ingredients are in a bowl, whisk them into a foamy mixture, starting with fast and vigorous stirs. You can then slow down when the mixture turns frothy and eventually creamy. If the cream is too thick, add some hot water, and if it's too light, add more instant coffee. If at all this is too much work for you, use a hand mixer to get the job done, but it would taste even better if you use a milk frother (chose the best options here).

3. Pour milk in a glass

Once the cream is all fluffy and good-looking, pour your ready-to-drink milk in your favorite cup but do not fill it to the brim. If you’re vegan, try vegan milk like soy milk or almond milk to make your whipped coffee. For an ice-cold whipped coffee, place a few ice cubes in the glass and add milk on top. You can as well use hot milk if you would love your coffee hot.

4. Add whipped coffee cream in the milk and stir

Scoop the whipped coffee cream from the bowl and add it to your milk. Then use a spoon or a straw to mix them gently. You can add more cream if you want your coffee a little bit stronger. And just like that, you have your whipped coffee within a few minutes!

Do I need to add sugar to whipped coffee?

Well, I will say, No. You can make whipped coffee without adding sugar. Even so, your resulting coffee will only stay fluffy for a few minutes. I bet you don't want to watch the foam you've worked so hard to bring about melt slowly back into liquid coffee.

But if you insist on not using sugar, I suggest you replace it with another sweetener, provided it's granulated. It will also work correctly.

How else can I use whipped coffee?

If you’re the type that likes getting creative in the kitchen, you must already be thinking about a million other ways of using whipped coffee. For now, take a break and relax – I’m about to give you impressive suggestions on this. Check out.

Make a coffee ice cream

Perfect, right? Here, you just need to freeze the whipped coffee and enjoy your ice cream. You can add other flavors if you wish. There’s no limit in the kitchen.

Make it a topping on your brownies. Again, this will taste magnificent! Try it and prove me wrong.

Make pavlova

How about replacing the whipped cream with whipped coffee when making pavlova? Simply worth trying.

Make a chia pudding

Just add chia seeds to the coffee and put it in the fridge for 2-5 hours. You will get a delicious dessert and a tasty breakfast at the same time.

Do you have others in mind? As I said, there's no limit in the kitchen. You should try them. But first, you need to make some whipped coffee and enjoy the pleasant taste and aroma.


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