Ascaso Dream PID Review

Ascaso Dream PID
Overall Rating
Coffee Quality (40%)
Design & Features (20%)
Durability (20%)
Ease of Use (10%)
Brand Reputation (10%)
The Bottom Line
The Ascaso Dream PID's calling card is its extreme precision: adjust brew temps in 1°F increments, program volumes for preinfusion, single, and double shots, and enjoy silky foam with the Dream PID's electronic steam wand.
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Key Features of the Ascaso Dream PID

Key Features of Ascaso Dream PID

Feature Specification
Machine type Semi-automatic
Integrated grinder None
Bean hopper None
Bypass doser None
Water Reservoir 48 oz
Portafilter size 58mm
Portafilters included Pressurized, non-pressurized, bottomless, E.S.E. soft pods
Boiler type Thermoblock
Frother Steam wand
Brew sizes Your choice
Pre-infusion Yes
Specialty beverage buttons None
Adjustable exit valves No
Dose size selector No
Temperature control Digital PID control in 1°F increments
Strength control Via dose size
Auto-off Yes
Spent puck drawer None
Drip tray Yes
Warranty 5 years on Thermoblock and brew group, 1 year on everything else
Case material Aluminum
Dimensions 10.0"W x 13.5"D x 13.5"H
Weight 16.9 lbs
Power 1100W

Ascaso Dream PID Overview

Retro design. Commercial-grade construction. PID temperature control. That's the Ascaso Dream PID in a nutshell.

The Dream PID is Ascaso's top-of-the-line home espresso machine and is made with professional quality in mind.

The electronic brew group temperature control system includes a digital display with the ability to control temperature in 1°F increments for the most dialed-in shot ever produced by an Ascaso espresso machine.

The Dream PID also features an adjustable OPV (over-pressure valve) to regulate brewing pressure. Standard machines without an OPV can't regulate brew pressure, which often results in too much pressure build-up and over-extracted shots. That isn't a concern with the Dream PID.

Speaking of build-up, the Dream PID uses a Thermoblock boiler with all boiler and circuit elements coated in durable, linescale-resistant stainless steel. In past Ascaso model years, their Thermoblock heating element has been prone to leaking, but that's an issue Ascaso seems to have corrected. The current Dream boiler works like a dream.

Each Dream PID also comes with an aesthetically-pleasing, wood-handed 58mm portafilter and 5 portafilter baskets, including 2 non-pressurized baskets, 2 pressurized baskets, and 1 E.S.E. basket that's compatible with these types of single-serve espresso pods. You'll also get a blank portafilter basket to backflush the system and a stainless steel tamper.

  • PID temp control has easy-to-read digital display
  • Adjustable OPV (over-pressure valve)
  • Thermoblock group comes with a 5-year warranty and is made from aluminum with stainless steel circuits that resist limescale build-up
  • Three-way solenoid valve relieves grouphead pressure by directing it back to the water tank
  • Manufactured in Spain
  • Boiler insulation is so effective that it can take a while to purge the machine from steam temp to brew temp
  • Drip tray can be tricky (and messy) to remove if not emptied regularly.
  • Slow 3-minute warmup time if not kept on 24/7

Is the Ascaso Dream PID for you?

Are Ascaso Dream PID for you?

The Ascaso Dream PID is the more advanced of their two Dream models currently in production:

The Dream PID includes advanced controls (PID temperature control and the adjustable OPV to regulate pressure) that make it much easier to pull a high-quality, consistent every time.

The Dream ZERO doesn't include those features but is virtually identical in every other way, including the limescale-resistant, stainless steel Thermoblock boiler. Of note, however, is the Dream ZERO's 57mm portafilter basket compared to the Dream PID's 58mm basket.

The Dream PID's added features undoubtedly are upgrades over the more basic Dream ZERO, especially for beginner or intermediate home baristas looking to pull pro-quality shots with non-pressurized portafilter baskets. Whether that's worth the added cost is up to you.

Ascaso Dream PID Review: An In-Depth Look

Check out the Ascaso Dream PID!

Check out Ascaso Dream PID!

Ascaso Dream PID
The Ascaso Dream PID's calling card is its extreme precision: adjust brew temps in 1°F increments, program volumes for preinfusion, single, and double shots, and enjoy silky foam with the Dream PID's electronic steam wand.

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