Capresso MT600 Plus Review

Capresso MT600 Plus
Overall Rating
Coffee Quality (40%)
Design & Features (20%)
Durability (20%)
Ease of Use (10%)
Brand Reputation (10%)
The Bottom Line
With a 50 oz water reservoir, vacuum-sealed thermal carafe, 24-hour, programmable Auto-On, and 2-hour Auto-Off, the Capresso MT600 Plus is a solid-yet-unspectacular drip coffee maker.
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Key Features of the Capresso MT600 Plus

Key Features of Capresso MT600 Plus

  • Volume: 10 cups (50 oz)
  • Carafe: Stainless steel vacuum thermal
  • Display: Illuminated LCD display
  • Auto-Off: After brewing
  • Grinder: None
  • Weight: 7.0 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8.0″W x 9.0″D x 14.0″H
  • Wattage: 1200

Capresso MT600 Plus Overview

The MT600 Programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker replaces Capresso’s MT500 with a pair of notable changes:

  • Thermal carafe improved with wider opening (for easier cleaning) and better heat retention
  • Backlit LCD panel only lights up during the brew process

In my opinion it’s Capresso’s best model when combining price, brew volume, coffee quality and overall functionality.

What do I like most about the MT600?

  • Solid 10-cup capacity
  • 24 hour programmable functionality
  • Comes with GoldTone permanent conical filter
  • Comes with removable water filter handle and charcoal water filter with indicator light
  • Thermal carafe works well
  • All things considered, it’s not that expensive

I do have a few minor complaints, noted in the Cons section, but for the price this is a well-rounded model. For an optimal cup, I suggest using a little more ground coffee than your standard recipe calls for.

In general this is a problem with most Capresso brewers (except numbers 4 and 5 below) so it doesn’t affect the MT600’s status on our ranking of the best Capresso coffee maker reviews.

  • 10-cup brewing capacity
  • Thermal carafe works well
  • Programmable 24-hour Auto-On
  • Though made primarily of plastic, has stainless steel accents where it counts
  • Programmable start time does not clearly distinguish between AM and PM
  • Water level indicator is difficult to read
  • Definitely works better if you use a little extra coffee

Is the Capresso MT600 Plus for you?

Are Capresso MT600 Plus for you?

The Capresso MT600 is a great all-around value coffee maker.

It has a solid 10-cup capacity, programmable functionality, and comes with some nice accessories such as the permanent GoldTone filter basket, removable water filter and working thermal carafe.

Capresso MT600 Plus Review: An In-Depth Look

Check out the Capresso MT600 Plus!

Check out Capresso MT600 Plus!

Capresso MT600 Plus
With a 50 oz water reservoir, vacuum-sealed thermal carafe, 24-hour, programmable Auto-On, and 2-hour Auto-Off, the Capresso MT600 Plus is a solid-yet-unspectacular drip coffee maker.

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