Burma Coffee Beans

Region: Asia
Profile: Earthy, herbaceous
Production: 15 million lbs (0.1% global production)
Global Rank: 38
Varieties: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta, 0% Liberica

Burma Coffee Overview

Burma’s 15 million pounds of annual coffee production barely tips the scales globally, but the country is putting up some seriously impressive quality scores that are garnering international acclaim. It’s a recent development, too, as the first specialty coffees ever to become available in the Western world hit the markets in 2016.

These impressive coffees come from the Mya Ze Di region of Burma that isn’t tourist-friendly. In fact, the whole country has been tough for Western tourists to experience as the country only came out of political isolation in 2011.

However, economic development and democracy have bloomed, just like their new world-class coffees, painting a bright picture for the future of Burmese coffee.

Burma Coffee Beans: Detailed Review

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