Malaysian Coffee Beans

Region: Asia
Profile: Earthy, woody
Production: 21 million lbs (0.1% global production)
Global Rank: 36
Varieties: 1% Arabica, 4% Robusta, 95% Liberica

Malaysian Coffee Overview

Malaysia is the world’s leading producer of Liberica, which makes up around 2% of the global coffee production and 95% of Malaysia’s. Liberica used to make up a much larger share of global production, but it lacks the desirable flavor profile of Arabica with lower yields than both Arabica and Robusta.

Why does Malaysia produce so much Liberica? They don’t have the elevation or soil drainage to grow Arabica, and Liberica is considered a better bean flavor-wise than Robusta with a few favorable tasting notes like a pleasing smokiness that Robusta just doesn’t have.

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Malaysian Coffee Beans: Detailed Review

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