Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

Region: Oceania
Profile: Chocolate, tropical, citrus
Production: 106 million lbs (0.5% global production)
Global Rank: 18
Varieties: 94% Arabica, 6% Robusta, 0% Liberica

Papua New Guinea Coffee Overview

Papua New Guinea shares the island of Papua with Indonesia. It’s a culturally diverse country with over 800 languages spoken among the local tribes, many of which have a history of conflict. This internal strife has made it hard for the coffee industry to find consistency among the many small lot farms, though 40% of the population earns its income from the coffee.

Though Papua New Guinea shares Papua with Indonesia, their coffees are rather dissimilar. Whereas Indonesian coffee is earthy and spicy, Papua New Guinea’s coffee is more tropical and citrusy with notes of chocolate.

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Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans: Detailed Review

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