Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters Review

Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters
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The Bottom Line
Make the most of your Keurig coffee maker by pairing your reusable K-Cup with Delibru's All-Natural, Unbleached, Biodegradable Paper Filters for the brightest, cleanest K-Cup coffee you've ever had.
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Key Features of the Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters

Key Features of Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters

  • Material: Unbleached, all-natural, premium-quality, biodegradable paper
  • Count: 100, 200, and 300 paper filters with lids
  • Compatibility: Every reusable K-Cup

Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters Overview

Savor a cleaner cup of coffee by pairing the Delibru Reusable K-Cup with these unbleached, all-natural, biodegradable paper filters.

Each filter costs as little as $0.08, helping you enjoy the cleanest K-Cup coffee you've ever had while saving both money and the environment.

Delibru makes our top-ranked reusable K-Cup because they excel in 2 critical areas:

  • Unwavering quality
  • Dedication to customer service

Their paper filters are no exception.

Delibru uses thick, premium-quality German paper that other brands can't beat. This gives you a few key advantages:

  • Performance: Delibru's filters don't tear under the extreme heat and pressure of brewing. That means no grounds in your cup and no wasted brews.
  • Cleanup: Other filters are a soggy mess when it's time to empty them out. Not Delibru's. Simply tip your K-Cup's contents into your garbage or compost bin. No disintegrated paper. No muss. No fuss.

For more information on Delibru (and why they're one of our favorite Keurig accessory brands) check out our full Delibru review.

  • Made from high-quality, all-natural German paper
  • Yield a bright, clean, sediment-free cup
  • Won't break or disintegrate during use, meaning no grounds in your cup and no messes to clean
  • Paper lid keeps grounds out of your reusable K-Cup's lid, making cleanup a breeze
  • Biodegradable and can be disposed in your trash or compost bing
  • All paper filters absorb some of coffee's flavorful oils
  • The filters aren't required (you can use your Delibru reusable K-Cup without them) but obviously there are benefits as stated here

Is the Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters for you?

Are Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters for you?

You don't need a paper filter to drink cheaper, fresher coffee with your Delibru Reusable K-Cup. Just fill the K-Cup with ground coffee, insert it into your machine, brew, and enjoy!

The resulting cup will be muddy and complex, but "muddy" isn't a bad thing in the coffee world! Muddy simply means your coffee has more flavorful, aromatic oils with a richer, thicker mouthfeel. Some people absolutely love muddy coffee. That's why French Presses are so popular!

But if muddy coffee isn't for you, just get Delibru's all-natural paper filters. Their high-quality, premium paper has a finely-woven fibers, which strain out all sediment for a bright, clean cup.

You can even use these filters if you have a different brand's reusable K-Cup! They're compatible with every reusable K-Cup out there, elevating your K-Cup experience while saving both money and the environment.

Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters Review: An In-Depth Look

My mornings are incredibly busy:

  • Walk the dog.
  • Feed the dog.
  • Go for a run (unless I'm behind schedule, which is usually the case!).
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Get ready for work.
  • Commute to work.

All before 8:00 am.

That's why I love the convenience Keurig coffee makers provide.

4 Major Drawbacks of All Single-Serve Coffee Makers

What I don't love are the 4 major drawbacks of all single-serve coffee makers.

1. They're expensive

"K-Cups are cheaper than getting a coffee from your local coffee shop!"

While true, that's only half of the story. You know what's cheaper than K-Cups?

A regular ol' bag of coffee.

Your typical bag of ground coffee starts at around $7 per pound, which is enough to brew about 36 coffees. That's $0.19 per serving. Add in the cost of these optional paper filters ($0.08 per serving) and we're up to $0.27 per serving using a reusable K-Cup and paper filter.

K-Cups cost $0.40-$0.60 per serving.

2. They brew "meh" coffee

Did you know coffee starts going stale just 2 weeks after being roasted?

And even when stored properly, it starts losing its brightness and flavor in as few as 9 hours?

When do you think that coffee in your K-Cup was roasted and ground? Most K-Cup manufacturers won't tell you, but it's probably measured in months, not weeks.

There are some K-Cup brands like HiLine Coffee that roast more frequently and sell fresher K-Cups, but they're more expensive than that $0.40-$0.60 price range quoted above.

3. I'm stuck re-ordering the same K-Cups over and over

Some people like drinking the same cup of coffee every day for years. Many see coffee more as a vehicle for caffeine consumption than a drink to be enjoyed.

If that's you, that's fine!

But that isn't me.

My kitchen counter is an always-rotating display of coffee beans from around the world. There are 69 coffee-producing countries, and I want to try them all!

  • Have you ever tried a delicate, berry-flavored roast from Kenya?
  • Or maybe an earthy, chocolaty roast from Colombia?
  • Oh, and how about a spicy roast from Indonesia?

Traditional K-Cups limit you to what manufacturers sell. Sometimes you'll find a single-origin K-Cup from Colombia or Mexico, but you'll rarely find some of the truly artisan roasts that make my morning coffee routine one of my daily highlights.

4. I feel terrible about trashing the planet

Plastic is a problem. We produce way too much of it and don't recycle nearly enough.

The result?

We end up drinking it.


Plastic never breaks down or goes away; it only breaks into smaller and smaller pieces until they're so microscopic they can be found in our air and our drinking water.

That's how.

Using reusable K-Cups eliminates one of the worst offenders: single-use plastics like traditional K-Cups, which are made from #7 composite plastic that we can't recycle even if we wanted to!

Reusable K-Cup + Paper Filter = Delicious Coffee

OK, I'll stop preaching about why reusable K-Cups are the way to go.

I mean, if you're reading this review of Delibru's paper filters, chances are you've already made a reusable K-Cup part of your daily routine!

Your wallet, taste buds, and planet thank you.

So, let's talk about why Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters are the way to go.

1. They're easy to use

If you're worried about adding more steps to your morning coffee routine (Keurigs are supposed to be convenient after all!), well, stop worrying.

It takes, like, 5-10 seconds to use one of Delibru's paper filters.

  • Put the paper filter basket in your reusable K-Cup.
  • Add your coffee.
  • Place the paper lid on top.
  • Snap the K-Cup's lid shut.

And you're done.

Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters are incredibly easy to use.

2. They're tough enough to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures of the brewing process

Your Keurig's brew assembly is a harsh environment with nearly 200°F water being forced through finely ground coffee.

That heat and pressure is enough to break down lesser paper filters.

But not Delibru's.

They're made from thick, high-quality, all-natural German paper capable of withstanding the jungle hurricane inside your coffee maker.

That means 3 things for you:

  • No burst paper leaking coffee grounds into your cup.
  • No nasty messes to clean when emptying your K-Cup.
  • No wasted filters costing you money!

That's not something you can say about other paper filters.

3. The paper lid keeps your K-Cup clean

Maybe you're thinking, "That extra piece of paper on top looks like it'll be a hassle to deal with."

You know what's even more of a hassle?

Not using the lid and having to clean ground coffee out of the tiny holes in the reusable K-Cup's lid.

The paper lid isn't a nuisance. It's a time-saver.

4. They're biodegradable

Most people toss traditional plastic K-Cups in the trash when they're done with them.

Out of sight, out of mind, amirite?

Those used K-Cups may not be your problem anymore, but now they're our problem.

To combat this problem, Delibru makes their paper filters out of 100% biodegradable paper.

When you're done brewing, tip your reusable K-Cup's contents into your trash can without pangs of guilt.

Or you can even try composting them!

Delibru All-Natural Paper Filters: Final Thoughts

Reusable K-Cups are the way to go. I've already hammered that home ad nauseam.

And if you want to make the most of your budget-friendly, reusable K-Cup, try adding Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters.

The major benefit?

They'll filter out every bit of sediment for an incredibly bright, clean cup of coffee.

Why choose Delibru's paper filters over the competition?

  • They're easy to use.
  • They're made from premium paper that won't fail in your brewer's harsh environment.
  • Their two-piece design with a separate paper filter basket and lid makes cleanup incredibly quick.
  • They're unbleached and safe to use.
  • They're all-natural and biodegradable.
  • Delibru's commitment to quality and customer service makes them a company you feel good about supporting.

You trust Keurig for your all-important coffee routine because Keurig delivers consistent, reliable performance.

You can trust Delibru for the same reasons.

Check out the Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters!

Check out Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters!

Delibru's All-Natural Paper Filters
Make the most of your Keurig coffee maker by pairing your reusable K-Cup with Delibru's All-Natural, Unbleached, Biodegradable Paper Filters for the brightest, cleanest K-Cup coffee you've ever had.

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